Gizmo the Ragdoll Cat

Hello, everyone and welcome to a brand-new Huma.Me. You might notice that this site has undergone a whole new change. After all, where are the handbag posts and endless useless new hauls … Well you see it started last December when I had the most bizarre thought that I wanted a new kitten … in January I was off to meet him and then fast forward 2 months to February where there I was picking him and well let’s just say my life has never been the same.

What’s this I hear you say how, how on earth can your life change by owning a cat. Well readers don’t be fooled be these beautiful creatures, they end up taking over your life and you will fail to even remember your existence before they came.

So, I hear you say, what an exaggeration. Well, I was your regular self-pretentious individual. Woke up late, didn’t really do much and spend most of her salary on designer items. Had it all really, no responsibilities, no worries and most importantly number one was myself. Then on February 3rd something amazing came into my life, no, not a man or baby, something much more precious than that, it was Gizmo my beloved blue and white point bicolour ragdoll. Ignoring advice from my mother (along the lines of you are so lazy and self-absorbed how are you going to care for an animal) and other useful advice like have you even though about pet insurance. No, I pushed ahead on February 3rd, 2018 I was off to Kent in my dad’s car (because I still can’t drive) to pick up my new baby and my life has never been the same, as all pet owners will know.

Gone are the days when I can come back from work and throw my stuff all around and plonk myself in front of TV. Why? Anything which isn’t shut away in a closet is game to be chewed or automatically becomes Gizmo’s. My entire life now resolves around his lordship, after all if I am late putting his food down then the entire block can hear his howls and heaven forbid I don’t immediately go to him and give him cuddles as soon as I get in the door. And don’t even think about sitting down until his lordship has had his fill of chasing his feather around the place which you have to sit and dangle.

I could go on, but you know what I wouldn’t change this for the world. Gizmo has only been with me for a month, but I can’t even remember my life before him now. He went to be neutered the other (a whole new post on that soon) and the entire flat seemed lifeless without him.

It really is true once your fur baby enters your life (and yes, they really do become your baby) your life will have no meaning. After all, this isn’t just any fur baby, this is a royal ascending leader who will make you their subject and your entire life will resolve around their comfort and seeing to their every whim. You have been warned!

And for what you have all been waiting for .. pictures of the beautiful kitty!

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